The entire Fortes hills complex and each and every apartment fully satisfy the European quality standards and meet all necessary safety requirements.

By implementing metal and chrome elements in the décor, the architectural planning and design of the entire complex underscore the clear-cut forms which enhances the modern aspect of the complex and simultaneously the sophistication of its exterior appearance and interior decoration. The superbly planned communal spaces, the spa-zones, as well as the area for relaxation and recreational activities will bring you a genuine sense of comfort. Each and every finishing material used is in compliance with the strictest European quality standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

All buildings of the Fortes hills complex have been built, in conformity with all Bulgarian regulatory standards, using cast in place concrete.

The buildings are protected with a drainage system, shielding the foundations from moisture. All the necessary hydro-insulation for the foundations of the complex is in place.

The exterior walls are brick with thickness of 25 cm combined with the use of a 5-cm thermal insulation layer. Further, the walls are coated with mineral plaster and clad in stone.

The interior electric sockets and switches are the decorative Мerlin Gerin, Schneider Electric, which are an EU-standard product.

All living rooms and bedrooms have all necessary internet connection sockets and are provided with a cable TV connection system using EU-standard equipment.

All apartments are equipped with an online security system.

Air-conditioners: There are Daikin multi-split system units for both heating and cooling in each room. ISO Certificate.


Residential areas:

Ceiling and wall finishing: plaster covered with 3 coats of KNAUF white latex paint, Germany - an EU-standard product.

Floor cover: living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens – laminated flooring, an EU-standard product.

Corridors - high-quality ceramic tiles, Spain – an EU-standard product.

Terraces / Balconies – Grespania ceramic tiles, Spain, an EU-standard product.

Doors: interior spaces – natural wood, European pine, by NUSCO PORTE, Italy, an EU-standard product

Doors: Terraces / Balconies – natural wood, European pine,  Model EURO68 IV LUX, standard DIN68402, an EU-standard product.

Non-residential areas

Bathrooms and toilets:

Ceiling finishing: dropped ceiling cover with 3 coats of white latex paint by KNAUF, Germany, and EU-standard product.

Wall finishing: ceramic tile (up to the ceiling level), Spain – an EU-standard product.

Floor cover: IMOLA ceramic tiles, Spain – an EU-standard product.

Bathroom fixtures, taps, supplementary equipment: Vitra, Sanica, Italy - EU-standard products.

Doors: natural wood, European pine NUSCO PORTE, Italy, with special water-resistant coating - an EU-standard product.

Kitchen: all necessary communications for the installation of kitchen appliances have been prepared.