You have selected one or more apartments in the complex


  1. To get a full idea of the FORTES HILLS residential complex, you can:

Visit the company website at:

The website offers the most detailed and up-to-date information about the complex as well as the opportunity to check, in online mode, the availability of the apartments, their features, prices and status.

You can reach us using the means most convenient for you: by phone, email, by coming to our office or that of our representatives. We will provide you with the most complete and exhaustive information you need.

2. After selecting an apartment that best meets your requirements, you need to reserve it with a deposit payment of 2,000 Euros. This guarantees that the apartment you have chosen will be taken out from the “for sale” list for a period of 15 to 30 days.

3. During this period you can examine the contract, consult your legal advisers or lawyers to discuss it, and also, if you wish, arrange and agree upon time limits for a more comprehensive viewing of our complex.

4. During this reservation period or during the viewing, you can swap the selected apartment(s) with any other available for sale in our complex.

5. If you are happy with your choice and you are fully satisfied with your viewing, the next step entails signing the contract and paying for the apartment(s) you have chosen. In this case, the reservation deposit will be counted towards the amount as per the purchase and sale contract.

6. Below are the stages of payment as per the contract.

When paying in full (100%), the apartment is transferred into your ownership.

7. We take it upon ourselves to arrange meeting with the notary where all necessary documents related to the purchase and sale of the apartment are signed. For an extra fee, the developer’s company will take care of all actions needed to register the property in conformity to the legislation in force in Bulgaria.

8. A contract for property management is signed together with the notarial act.

9. The notarial act (property deed) can be received in Bulgaria, by mail, at an address indicated by you or in our office.

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